3 ways our software engineers use AI in their daily work

3 ways our software engineers use AI in their daily work

March 13, 2023

It’s no secret that the topic of AI has taken over the digital space over the past few months, especially after the launch of ChatGPT. The topic has received polarizing views – many feel wary of the technology and are hesitant to embrace it, while others have lauded it as a facilitative and revolutionary tool for digital advancement.

If you’re a software engineer that’s not quite sure how AI can benefit you, here are 3 ways that it’s helped Careem’s software engineers in their work:

1. Customer and partner feedback:

From sentiment analysis to clustering to trends, AI enables software engineers to quickly analyze and diagnose customer and partner pain points.

2. Code quality:

In their daily work, AI can help engineers quickly detect anomalies in their code. The use of neural networks to map out code languages can enable us to make suggestions for improving code quality and increasing the speed at which developers can write.

3. Automation:

 By using AI we can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks like testing, debugging, and deployment, giving software engineers more time to concentrate on tasks that require strategic thinking and creativity.

– Baber Sheikh, Senior VP of Engineering at Careem